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Groupe Riôtel

Adresse : 250, avenue du Phare Est
Ville : Matane
Code Postal :G4W 3N4
Téléphone :418-566-2651
Télécopieur :418-562-7365
Site Internet :
Type d'entreprise : Hébergement
Responsable :Mélissa Pearson
Fonction :Agente aux ventes et marketing
Courriel direct :
Unlike most hotel groups, each Riôtel hotel has its own distinctive charm, architectura0.These establishments ooze maritime charm! By choosing to stay in one of our 3-star establishments, you are choosing an incredible location right on the water’s edge, with comfortable, cozy and welcoming rooms design and style, and you’re guaranteed a warm and professional welcome at each one!
A world-class, contemporary hotel. Riôtel Matane: a window on the horizon, contemporary atmosphere, outdoor areas right on the water’s edge, on-trend design, top-of-the-range amenities, comfort, and a wide range of services, whether you’re looking for entertainment or to relax.

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