Sweden's ICEHOTEL offers five ways to experience the Arctic Lights

While the Northern Lights are usually only visible between September and March, other celestial phenomena can be enjoyed at different times of the year. To allow visitors to experience the wonders of the Arctic sky, the ICEHOTEL offers the following tours:

  • Celestial Delights: The absence of light pollution makes the area ideal for star-gazing. Snowmobile trips to the best observation points are on offer.
  • The Blue Magic: The Polar Night features a spectacular array of colors, ranging from pastel violet, pink and orange hues during the short day to intense, deep-blue twilight at night. The hotel's winter wilderness survival course allows outdoor enthusiasts to experience the Polar Night in all its glory.
  • Mid-day sunset adventures: In the winter, the sun never climbs above the horizon. Avid sunset-watchers can sign up for dogsledding excursions departing at 2 p.m.